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obsidian hair studio

Hairstylist with Copper Hair sitting in a chair with a Hairstylist with Black and Teal Hair Standing

who we are

A collective of salon professionals who believe that the industry needs to centered around the art of hair. 

you are

Looking for a salon that does things differently and are tired of the same ole' salon ways. 

You want a salon that reflects your values. 

Hairstylist with black and teal hair curling copper hair client
Hairstylist with copper hair wrapping a towel around her client at the shampoo bowl






Personal Responsibility 

our vision

Obsidian Hair Studio  provides efficient luxury color, hair extension and cutting services with the most fun staff, boasting numerous rave reviews, and consistent demand from new clients

our mission

We create a safe place for all of our clients through specialized services. We aim to be the most innovative when it comes to our business practices to elevate our industry to new professional heights. 

I want to hang out 

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