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tired of the old way of salon business?

Check out what it means to work at a salon that's look toward the future!

At Obsidian Hair Studio, we have taken the best of commission and the best of booth rental and made a concept salon that supports the stylists


here's what we offer:



unlimited growth:

  • Unlimited Time Off

  • Create Your Own Schedule

  • Charge Your Own Rate

  • Your Clients are Your Clients

  • Work Only When Booked

  • 46% Commission 

  • All Backbar Provided

  • Benefits for being W2: Social Security, Medicare, Disability and Paid Sick Leave

  • Increase Your Pricing Anytime

  • Open Door Policy

  • Work More or Work Less

  • No "Non-Competes"


If you're interested in learning more, fill out our form below:

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