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Brushing is the most important part of taking care of your new beautiful hair! It will keep it looking nice and it will prevent tangles from tripping you up. 

Each new IBE guest receives a carefully curated care package which includes a detangling brush. Use the brush once in the morning, once in the evening, prior to washing, and just before you blow dry. 

Work in quads (split your hair into 4 sections) and hold it like it's a ponytail. Remove any tangles from the ends first, working your way up to the mids, and holding onto the row and brushing downward from your scalp to your ends. 


Everyone washes their hair at different intervals, so find something that works for you. Erin washes every 3-4 days to prolong her styles and keep it simple during the busy week! 

Important Steps to Remember

  1. Detangle & Brush before you wash 

  2. Shampoo at least 2 times

  3. Use nickel to quarter size amounts of shampoo 

  4. Rinse thoroughly, if you think you're done, keep rinsing

  5. Conditioner only on mids & ends 

  6. Use your clip to wash & rinse each row separately 

  7. Blot dry, no aggressive rubbing

Having professional shampoo & conditioner are a MUST! 

My faves include

  • Davines Oi 

  • Davines Love Curl 

  • Davines Solu 

  • Goldie Locks Shampoo & Conditioner

Other Important Products

  • Leave In Conditioner (Su Hair Milk)

  • Mask (Davines Circle Chronicles - Quick Fix) 

  • Dry Texuturizer 

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