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Back of a curled brunette invisible bead extensions

tips for
booking online

Our books are open 8 weeks out from the current date.


If you cannot find a date and time that you want you can add yourself to the waitlist and you will be contacted if an appointment opens up.  (We recommend also booking an appointment for a later date.)


How to choose services:

All of our Artists book their services by the hour. They each have their own individual hourly rate, listed on our Team Page or their social media profiles. 

Select your Artist, and book the number of hours suggested by them after you complete their New Client Request Form. 

Our Artist specialize in the following services: 

  • Extensions 

  • Transformations

  • Vivid Colors 

  • Cuts


Copper hairstylist rinsing out hair on client in shampoo bowl

make your day beautiful

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